Video Tutorial

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If you are joining the other person follow these steps:

1. get the persons IP address, should be something such as
2. go into the game, hit mulitplayer, and click join at the top (make sure that the other person has the server ready)
3. type in the IP address, and the password if needed, then click start
4. you will be taken to the setup screen where you then need to hit start again on the bottom right (the start button will only appear if the host has already started the first session.
5. now you are on the track, that should be everything you need to know!

If you are hosting a server online for other people to race against you follow these steps:

1. Go into the game, click multiplayer, and click host, you should see an IP address near the top, write it down and give it to the people you want to race.
2. once you've given everyone the IP address go back to that screen under host, and click start
3. you will be taken to the setup screen where you choose the track, and settings for the race
4. hit start and wait for people to show up... they can not come after qualifying is over unless they were in the server earlier in that race day...

i think thats it, please feel free to ask me a question on the forum!