Score4 Tutorial by ShiftNOS18

Here are the basics...very bare. some of this depends on your version.

1. You will need to export the race results before clicking done on the race in NR2003... the exported file will be in your imports/exports folder.

2. Now Open Score4, Click Tables, Click Division, Click Create a New Division....fill out the info.

3. Now click on the Process button.... find your division in the divisions section... then click browse where the file box is... go to your exports/imports folder, find the file and click. (See Note) Then hit process.

Note: if it says track not found, scroll down and find it...If it is not there it will need to be created...depending on your version you may or may not be able to do that...what I usually do is just click on any of the tracks...even if the race was not run at that does not effect the points. Though you will notice the track may not have the correct size in the track info...but it still does not effect the points.

4. Now hit the yes button when it asks if you want to review the race you can adjust whatever you like and add the race name...for ex...input Daytona 500 in the name box. Once this is too your liking click ok.

5. Now click on the Results button...this brings you to the race results...find your division then the race. Depending on your features you can edit some things...just going to focus on the Results Tab and the Adjustments Tab for this walkthrough....

if you would like to do some editing to the race results click on the driver you would like to edit in the Results Tab...change what you want.

If you would like to add or subtract any points click on the Adjustments Tab...once again click on the driver and edit the points. Once your all done click the Generate Files button.

6. Now click the Standings button...everything should be there...including a Race Stats Tab (depending on your version)... If you would like to upload these to a site, do step 7.

7. Now you will need to find out where your Score4 file is located...once done, click the should see a html and a txt folder... each of these have the same info just with a little different layout... you will see a standings, schedule, stats and race results with the ID name you used...shouldn't be too hard to figure out the rest.

Just repeat the steps for each additional race for your season.

hope that helps a bit. Alot of this depends on your version...the more updated you have, the more goodies you get...Though it also gets a little complex if your not good with computers!